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Laura in 1940
Laura spent the war years with an aunt in Toronto. Her father, who was in the RAF working on fighter aircraft development, wrote regular, loving letters sometimes with the bonus of an illustration. A lover of cars, Coates acquired his first Lancia Lambda in 1941 and later on bought a better one (1934 engine, 1928 chassis) which he drove for many years. All the letters are a testimony to his love and concern, his didacticism, and the positive and sanguine side of his nature.
Part of a letter to Laura, 25 May 1941 Part of a letter to Laura, 25 May 1941. Click to view larger image.
Another letter, this time with a plan of the yacht Coates had designed, to be called Fey Loong (Flying Dragon). The yawl would accommodate 6-8 persons and would be rigged with his new invention called Wingsails. Fey Loong was built to a smaller specification and sailed from Lymington, Hants in 1955. Letter with a plan of the yacht Fey Loong